Investment Vehicles

What is key for investment is for the Diaspora and home-front to find foreign partners that are a good fit, which is somewhat challenging because investment choices are more individualistic, with the end product resulting from intensive exchanges which are often of a confidential nature and require certain levels of Trust. Forming adequate resource pools to have viable and serious business offers requires more intense planning and levels of detail that work ‘off-the platform’.

ZDNNA will not make investment decisions for individuals; it will facilitate them by making information available where possible. ZDNNA will provide a platform on which to organize and make available investment information emanating from the Home front deemed important for the Diaspora. The ZDNNA website will make information on opportunities and contracts available for everybody to participate in:

  • Government and local authority procurement contracts
  • Private placements on the Stock Exchange
  • Bond issues by the Reserve Bank and other Financial Institutions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Pooled financing and crowd sourcing ventures

We believe that transparency is another way of fighting corruption.