Promote and Participate in Support and Philanthropic Programs

The Diaspora has been supporting organizations that help disadvantaged people such as orphans, the sick, HIV/AIDs affected and infected people, the elderly and homeless. Support and philanthropic programs would include:

  • learning exchanges between diaspora organizations and in-country organizations especially non-governmental and not-for-profit ones some of which may require professional strengthening;
  • use made of sabbatical attachments type of arrangements as well as pairing of organizations and institutions, scholarships and sponsorships of locally qualified graduates.

In the case of donations – material, in-kind and financial – Home-front should:

  • facilitate de-regulation that restricts movement of donations to disadvantaged groups, and more
  • promote sharing of experiences among sectors that have processed support provided to the Home-front among the sector ministries, e.g. in health sector from ZIMHEALTH, in education university exchanges, and books;