Skills Locator Database

Zimbabwe lost 50% of its professionals to the diaspora making it one of the top five biggest contributors to the foreign skills pool. However, nobody knows where these skilled people are located and the details of their qualifications and experience. ZDNNA advocates for Zimbabwe professionals to self – register on a skills locator platform, form technical Chapters, and come together and bid for professional services back home. ZDNNA further advocates that the Diaspora be given preference ahead of foreign companies in contract awards back home based on proven capacity to deliver in a wide range of areas such as health, education, IT, business finance, construction engineering and procurement services.

As a platform, ZDNNA’s skills database would be an essential business and exchange
marketplace and service that seeks to pool information on, advocate for promotion and recognition of, an essential business and exchange
marketplace and service, Diaspora skills through pushing government and other organizations to:

  • Support efforts for the Diaspora professionals to self register
  • Recruit back skilled diaspora into technical positions and management
  • introduce a quota system for external and international funded consultancy services to be reserved to qualified Zimbabwe experts.
  • Avoid notions of exclusion while taking care to guard veracity of the information on the ZDNNA platform;
  • Pre-verify people information regarding qualifications, at least from the information source whilst taking care not to purport to be ‘brokers’ is important because of strict regulations in the UK and USA, etc;