Outline of ZDNNA Constitution

A Brief Outline of the ZDNNA Constitution, Structures and Organization

The ZDNNA Constitution as endorsed by its membership, stipulates the guiding principles, membership, structure and organization, and operational guidelines for ZDNNA.


The following key principles underpin the ZDNNA Constitution and organization:

  • It is an ‘a political’ not-for-profit organization registered in Maryland, USA and supervised by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.
  • ZDNNA embraces and upholds the spirit of voluntarism, its membership is voluntary and delineated by membership levels, per the Constitution.
  • ZDNNA commits to continue dialogue and convergence of ideas with all stakeholders, i.e. the Government of Zimbabwe, its ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), civil society organizations (CSOs), private sector, individuals and communities in Zimbabwe, ZIDHIP and other nodes worldwide.
  • ZDNNA may invest, but it primarily promotes and facilitates investment by the Diaspora without itself packaging any deals for any group of people or individuals; and
  • It promotes philanthropic causes and support programs.


ZDNNA has four levels of membership:

  • Level One: This is a general membership level that provides basic information, email and phone contact, areas of interest and qualifications, and access to opportunities.
  • Level Two: Provides access to level one plus ability to transact opportunities, apply and request information online at an annual fee.
  • Level Three: Founding members who contributed in kind and financially to establish ZDNNA, have full access to Website and membership for five years; and
  • Level Four: Business opportunity to advertise vacancies, place business banners, and place links to individual websites at an annual cost.

Honorary membership shall be conferred to any person or persons who, though being non-Zimbabwean but by virtue of their unflinching support to the ZDNNA mission, ideals and objectives, participate in its programs and become members. They are sponsored by at least two or more members and can be paid up level two members.

Finances and Funding

ZDNNA shall derive its revenues from:

  • Annual membership dues;
  • Membership application from registration; and
  • Fund raising from internal and external sources.

The accounts of ZDNNA shall be audited at the end of every financial year and the results made available to the members.