Think Tank

Diaspora surveys site lack of ‘Trust’ as a major hindrance to Diaspora, Home-front, and within Home-front relations and collaboration for development in Zimbabwe.

Promoting synergies is going to be very important in the fight to develop and improve ‘trust’ between Diaspora and the Zimbabwe State and Non-State actors and between the Home-front actors.

Virtual Think Tanks are now accepted platforms for real time knowledge and practice exchanges. Zimbabwean professionals have invaluable experiences across the globe, tapping into that expertise would facilitate the country to leapfrog technologically as well as harvest from the knowledge that the Diaspora would bring to the table. Appropriateness, acceptance, and relevance of the knowledge and ideas and ability to transform that into bankable projects and transferable skills for increased productivity, would be the determinants of the level of success of the Initiative.

Exchanges would include:

  • Knowledge of market behaviors that could be shard in real time in support of new investments;
  • Reviews of strategy notes and sector plans in the public sector as well as business plans and practices in the private sector;
  • Science and technology advances, etc.